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Dart's Journal

Ahoy, get out o' my journal ya filthy landlubbers. Arrr!

8/16/06 11:50 pm

Aye, fuckin' snakes. What's up with the snakes lately? First it was those fishes fallin' from the sky, now suddenly snakes appear out o' no whar. What is goin' on? This is frustratin', argh!

1/10/06 06:16 pm

Aye, so I'm finally back. The past few months, the captain asked me t' come with him t' this mysterious island... it was none other than the super secret foggy Skull Island deep past that one island whar we found Ninian.

Anyway, it was 'ery dangerous, as Me was almost strappin' t'the masthead by these huge lizards. Oh, but before we got thar, we picked up a fair lass. Anyway, back t' Skull Island, we war bein' chased by these terrible lizards, but then some huge monkey came and sa'ed out butts. Howe'er, that monkey kidnapped the lass, so we had t' rescue . Damn it. We lost her so, we decided t' lea'e the place, but then, the captain had a plan. A plan t' rescue the lass and kidnap the monkey. So, we did.

We took the monkey and the lass back home with us, and the Captain was all like, "Let's make a fortune."

Whate'er. So that was what happened t' me all this time. Got any questions? Good, because I'm not answerin' any ya landlubbers. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

10/5/05 08:45 pm

Arrr, greetin's. It has been awhile since I'e last written in my journal. So what have Me have been doin'? Nothin' verily. Possibly I have been slackin' off. The captain hasn't contacted me lately so I was wonderin' around. Me had t' sa'e Guy from a fall and the lad fainted on me. What a chump. Me can't belie'e I e'en consider him a first mate. Well, Me heard my beauty Farina has left t' continue her mercenary business. Like that will do anythin'. I'e told her many times that she won't get anythin'. Besides, I am the greatest pirate e'er, and Me will get that lost treasure, argh! Oh yes, I will, or my name isn't Pirate Dart!

Say, what's goin' on anyway? Me ha'en't heard from my sister lately.

9/4/05 09:17 pm

Aye, me have finally left my sister's home back in Pherae awhile ago. Anyway, I have been off sailin' the seas in my new ship. It ain't much, but it is fun t' sail it around the seas. I couldn't tra'el far because Me have no crew. Me need a crew, preferably a large crew. I should sail my small ship back t' bay and hire some people t' join me on my treasure hunt. I am finally goin' t' find the forbiddin treasure at last, shiver me timbers!

I hope Farina would join me, that would be great. Maybe that little filthy rapscallion, Guy as well? He seems intarsted in helpin' me find my treasure! Hell, Me might e'en share the loot with e'eryone. Aren't Me generous?

8/19/05 02:58 pm

Arrr, so it seems Me promised my little sister t' capture some sharks, and that Erija fellow told me thar be some nearby Pherae, so Me go o'er and he sends some help. Anyway, we then went huntin' for sharks. And holy crap, gar! Thar is a lot o' them sharks, gar! Me almost felt like shark bait, walkin' the plank, but Me do'e int' the sea, captured a shark, and started wrestlin' with the shark until it ran out o' fine booty. It took awhile, but I e'entually won the fight. So Me dragged the shark ont' the ship and slaughtard it. Har har har!!

So I'm now on my way back t' my sister's place so she can cook some shark stew for that thin' that wanted t' eat me. Shiver me timbers!

8/16/05 02:28 pm

Arrr, me have finished my chores for my little sister. So I told my sister that I was goin' out, she said it is ok, as long as I stay safe. That's no fun, so Me went t' a local bar har in Pherae. What be you sayin' thar be no bars har? O' course thar is, argh! It's a secret place that only us pirates know about.

So Me go in, ordard the usual, and talked with my fellow chums about stuff, like lootin', pillagin', and treasure huntin'. Me e'en heard about a treasure in the desert, Me wonder if that is what I have been lookin' for all this time. Me should ask Farina if she knows anythin' about it.

8/13/05 01:01 am

Ahoy, i feel much better, argh! Me feel like lootin' all again, argh! Well, Me do miss bein' on sea with the captain and my crewmates, but Me can't verily do much. My little sister Rebecca has been actin' a little strange. Me don't know, it must be my imagination. Anyways, I guess I should stay and make myself more useful. It's time t' put my muscles int' action. Me suppose Me could help Rebecca with some o' her chores. And whate'er happened t' that party? Did that brat cancel it? Me am verily disappointed. I was lookin' forward t' crashin' it.

8/5/05 12:31 pm


Arrr, we be finally back!, argh!

[Filter: Private]
Ahoy, now that I am back, Me should take a rest. I am so tired and I need t' sleep. Anyway, spendin' some time with me beauty, Farina, seemed pretty nice. I hope she thinks highly o' me, despite me bein' a pirate and all.

8/3/05 03:58 pm - Pirate's Log 5

Arrr, well, that seems t' be it, gar! We're almost at the docks now, gar! Look, Me can see people, gar! Me better tell my crew that we finally made it back!, gar! Hahahaha!, gar! This is excitin', gar!

7/31/05 12:37 am - Pirate's Log 4

Arrr, well, seems like the treasure hunt was a mighty failure. Howe'er, me and my crew managed t' rescue two people trapped on that island, some filthy sea dog named Erija and me hearty, Ninian. Seems like both be excited t' get back t' land. That Erija is certainly happy and Ninian seems t' be happy as well. She might get t' see that Eliwood fellow. As for me, Me get t' go back home and go back t' sleep. Hahaha, gar! Me need some sleep after such a borin' trip. My first mate Guy seems sick, and me beauty Farina seems excited t' come back, though she has been makin' fun o' me for not find me buried booty, gar!
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